State of the Union? For Boomers, its spelled “A-N_X_I_E_T_Y”

Tonite, President Obama will give his State of the Union address. While the focus will supposedly be on “jobs” and “the economy,” both topics strangely absent from the liberal manifesto given at inauguration, I wonder if he will hit the hot buttons for Boomers.
Just when we thought it was safe to head towards retirement, the stock market and economy collapsed, sending most of us into high anxiety. The plan to sell the big house and use the proceeds for that cute condo in Sun City when out the window with the housing crash. As adult children, well-educated yet un- or under employed, moved back home with their college debt in tow, it added to our stress.
We all know this. So what’s the plan? We need a strategy for this country that puts us back on a growth track now. A strategy is a choice, and provides clear goals for setting the agenda. It is not vague, it is not partisan, it is not high- minded. Unfortunately, those adjectives seem to apply to the president’s messaging. No, Boomers across both parties should listen up tonight. If there is a growth strategy that is well articulated, we can all take a chill pill. I fear that is not in the plan.