“OUR TIME” Ads hit, and miss, the mark

These ads for this on line 50+ dating site pass the cringe test, but that’s about all. I wouldn’t want to be these people! If you are single, and 50+, you are probably looking to find interesting things to do, and interesting people to share them with. You get it that the romantic part of love has to be there eventually, but the fun part–the part where you are interested in each other because you are interested in the same things…becomes more important. After all, most of these folks have been here before.

I was almost expecting one of those joint bathtub shots at the end and a Cialis plug. That would have made me cringe, for sure.


Prudential gets it (nearly) right

Finally! For at least ten years, advertisers have been trying to find an appeal for Baby Boomers that would get us out of our denial about the “R” word, and into some kind of savings or investment planning. They have tried threats–the elephant in the room that we are avoiding. They have tried strident appeals from fellow boomers such as Dennis Hopper–” You need a plan!”


Ameriprise gets it wrong

Let’s face it, no one has gotten it right. Boomers don’t respond to fear, logical appeals, or threats from someone who claims to know more. They don’t feel helpless. They feel entitled. They are perennial optimists, driven by the belief that they are in charge, still important, and still are changing the world. So…this Prudential commercial hits exactly the right emotional tone…Boomers want to live forever, think they will, and believe it will all work out somehow. This is such a hopeful approach: a series of actual photos taken on the first day of retirement by a bunch of different boomers. The shots look cool, look real, and are very hopeful married up with inspirational not insipid music–no ’60s rock track redux. And the message is right on target: You are going to live a long long time! The “R” word is not “Retirement”…its “Rejoice”! It’s “Reinvent.” And yes, it’s “Revel”…in the simple beauty of the world, and every morning that you are going to see from here on out, till maybe forever. And yes, you’re entitled. Bravo, Prudential. One teensy thing I’d fix: take out the number. It should say, “one of the thousands and thousands of sunsets retirees will see….” Remember…We are going to live forever.

“Live Forward”–Finally, a good tag line for Men’s Hair Color.

"Live Forward"

If you want to attract Boomer men that is. “Last year, men spent more than $130 million on hair color, making men’s hair coloring one of the fastest growing categories in the health and beauty business. Just ten years ago, only 46 percent of men surveyed thought it was okay to color their hair. Now, according to a recent Clairol study, nearly two-thirds of men vote “yes” to hair coloring. ” (Hairstyles&Hair.com).  If this is true, it is because of the aging Boomer. And the old Grecian Formula ads were so cheesy they could make your skin crawl.  The new ones for Just For Men are a different take on the category: if you color your hair, its because we get it, you want to stay in it, keep at it, keeping moving on. And yes, you think your old man hair might not be able to keep up with you. Boomers will never give in, and never give up the notion that the best is yet to come. And I agree. It’s nice to see a company acknowledge this.