“OUR TIME” Ads hit, and miss, the mark

These ads for this on line 50+ dating site pass the cringe test, but that’s about all. I wouldn’t want to be these people! If you are single, and 50+, you are probably looking to find interesting things to do, and interesting people to share them with. You get it that the romantic part of love has to be there eventually, but the fun part–the part where you are interested in each other because you are interested in the same things…becomes more important. After all, most of these folks have been here before.

I was almost expecting one of those joint bathtub shots at the end and a Cialis plug. That would have made me cringe, for sure.


2 thoughts on ““OUR TIME” Ads hit, and miss, the mark

  1. Talk about market segmentation….now all they have to start is a Our Time for Christian Singles over 50. The Christian singles one makes me cringe and I am devoutly religious!

  2. I agree…they are probably going to take segmentation too far. I think this is good though, because 50+, at least some of them anyway, may be looking for a richer dating experience at this point in their lives. (I’m not referring to Gold-diggers!)

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