“Live Forward”–Finally, a good tag line for Men’s Hair Color.

"Live Forward"

If you want to attract Boomer men that is. “Last year, men spent more than $130 million on hair color, making men’s hair coloring one of the fastest growing categories in the health and beauty business. Just ten years ago, only 46 percent of men surveyed thought it was okay to color their hair. Now, according to a recent Clairol study, nearly two-thirds of men vote “yes” to hair coloring. ” (Hairstyles&Hair.com).  If this is true, it is because of the aging Boomer. And the old Grecian Formula ads were so cheesy they could make your skin crawl.  The new ones for Just For Men are a different take on the category: if you color your hair, its because we get it, you want to stay in it, keep at it, keeping moving on. And yes, you think your old man hair might not be able to keep up with you. Boomers will never give in, and never give up the notion that the best is yet to come. And I agree. It’s nice to see a company acknowledge this.


Welcome to BoomVoxblog…Random and personal musings about Boomers

It’s the day after our President turned 5-oh, and the Dow dropped more than 500 points…an appropriate day to begin this blog about things Boomer.

Why? First, because unlike any generation in American history, we Boomers hate the subject of age. We cringe, we deny, we nip and tuck, and we outright lie to avoid dealing with it.

Secondly, because now we have to actually begin to face the reality that eventually, we will have to live off what we have earned in our lifetimes. Other generations have called this “retirement” but we reject that term. We think of it, or at least some of us do, as “reinvention.” But that’s another subject. The drop in the Dow forces us to do some actuarial math, and realize that we may not live long enough to break even on the Dow. But we quickly change the subject. If we are Boomers.

4.5 Million Boomers turn 5-Oh this year

According to yesterday’s USA Today, 12,460 are turning 50 every day now. That’s 519 an hour. And 9 per minute.

We are redefining, and will continue to redefine, 50+, and 60+ and on and on.

If you aren’t a Boomer, you will suddenly find yourself surrounded by “old” people who don’t act it, don’t look it (or think they do anyway), and want what you have.